16 November, 2016


2015年11月11日、LIXIL住宅研究所とHondaが共同でコンセプトホーム「次世代レジリエンスホーム『家+X』Powered by Honda」を公開しました。

2020年の暮らしを考え、有事におけるレジリエンス性はもちろん、さらに進む高齢化社会や、エネルギー全面自由化社会に対して、平時にも、有事にも、今もそして未来にも家族の幸せが持続する新しい暮らしの形、家と自動車とエネルギーの新たな融合による「次世代レジリエンスホーム『家+X』Powered by Honda」。 今までにない新しい価値を生み出すソリューションとして、家族の今と未来を幸せにする 7つのパワーアップで構成される世界をリードする最強の“パワーアップ”住宅として発表されました。


: レジリエンスな暮らしのソフト力アップ。こころとからだに活力を生む暮らしの提案




今、気分転換やリラックスのためはもちろん、ヘルスケアへの応用という意味でも香りに注目が集まっています。 ストレス社会と呼ばれる現代ですが、今年ストレスチェックが義務化され、働く環境見直しの一環でオフィスに香りを取り入れる企業も増えてきました。また、高齢化が進む中、嗅覚を刺激することが認知症の予防や改善に効果的であることが分かりアロマを活用する方も多くなっています。

今後、住まいにおける社会的な課題に対し、今回公開されたような、これまでの「家づくり」から「『家+X』づくり」という新しいコンセプトがますます求められてきます。 それに伴い、私たちも香りをつかった快適な住空間を提案していくことが重要になってくると考えています。

Incorporating Scents into LIXIL Housing Research Institute’s Newly Unveiled ‘House + X’

On November 11, 2015, LIXIL Housing Research Institute and Honda unveiled a new conceptual residential home called the “New-Generation Resilient Home ‘House + X’ - Powered by Honda”. 

The new type of housing has been designed with the lifestyle of 2020 in mind, prioritizing home resiliency in cases of emergency. In addition, the home is geared toward an aging society, and one where energy sources will undergo complete liberalization. The “New-Generation Resilient Home ‘House + X’ - Powered by Honda” focuses on the well-being of families in regular times and otherwise, seamlessly blending the house, automobile and energy resources into the daily lifestyle. This high-powered residence prioritizes the present and future needs of families, providing leading solutions in the world of housing today.

We at Air Aroma Japan have focused on the inner workings of the residence as part of the newly unveiled “Home + Health/Beauty” initiative, incorporating subtle scents within the residence to soothe the mind, body and soul.

Diffusers are embedded into the front entrance and bedroom walls, with scent cartridges that can be exchanged easily according to the season or mood.

Fans are mobilized to lightly blow the scents from French-made aroma beads throughout the room. No extra maintenance is necessary aside from exchanging cartridges.

In recent years, aromas have begun gaining attention not just for their relaxation capabilities, but as a means of healthcare. In a modern world brimming with stress, a mandatory stress check for employees will be implemented this year in Japan, and many corporations have turned to fragrances to help alleviate some of the stress in offices. Additionally, it has become known that scents trigger the human sense of smell and help to prevent or slow down the effects of dementia.

Housing is one of the most crucial issues affecting our society today, and the newly unveiled “Housing + X” concept is one that is no doubt of great interest to homeowners. We believe it is essential for Air Aroma to continue introducing living spaces that are both soothing and pleasant through the incorporation of scents.