Minato de Conference 2016 by Air Aroma

14 October, 2016

Minato de Conference 2016 by Air Aroma

山口県下関市から港町をつないで行き、 「海に感謝する」市民カンファレンス “Minato de Conference” を 私たちエアアロマは冠スポンサーとして応援しています。

海がそこにあることが当たり前の日常。 海のある風景が当たり前。


記念すべき第一回めの講演は、情熱大陸やNHK BSプレミアム「プレシャス・ブルー 〜カリブ海 クジラの親子に出会う海〜」などでも特集された水中表現家、二木あいさん。

講演のテーマは"Back to Origin (原点に帰る)"。




どれもが恵みとして一生記憶に残る大切な時間を、 エアアロマの香りと一緒に体験してください。

日時:11月15日 (火) 開場17:30 開演18:30 場所:下関市生涯学習プラザ DREAM SHIP 海のホール 入場料:大人1000円 小中高生500円




Minato de Conference 2016 by Air Aroma

Air Aroma is proud to support the upcoming “Minato de Conference”, an event for residents of the port town of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, as its primary sponsor. The conference is designed to connect port towns while sharing appreciation for the sea and sea life.

The presence of the ocean is as natural as breathing. Life without it is impossible to imagine. Through the conference, our hope is to do more than “consume” the blessings of the sea. We hope to deepen our knowledge of the ocean’s beauty, appreciating it with all five of our human senses. It is also our mission to bring people together to contemplate how to keep the waters as clean as they are beautiful, for future generations.

The highly-anticipated inaugural talk of the conference will feature Underwater Artist Ai Futaki, who has been featured in popular Japanese TV documentary programs such as Jounetsu Tairiku and “Precious Blue: The Caribbean Sea, Bonding with the Sperm Whale” on NHK BS Premium. Futaki’s lecture theme will be “Back to Origin”.

As a free-diver, Futaki has experienced magnificent waters around the globe, and in doing so has come into contact with countless forms of marine life. She will introduce the audience to a boundless world below the water’s surface with stunning photographs and video, sharing her view that everything in life eventually returns to the sea.

Following Futaki’s talk, a presentation will be given by students in Shimonoseki, leading to a panel discussion based on “the sea”. The students and Futaki will participate in the discussion, contemplating Shimonoseki’s special positioning as a port town surrounded by the water on three sides.

The blue of the ocean 
The beauty of the light and marine life
Delicious blessings of the sea
Ever-expanding scents
Sounds of waves and creatures
And the gentle cooling touch of the waves…

Enjoy the above with our Air Aroma scents in an event that is sure to be unforgettable.

Date and Time: November 15th, 2016 (Tues) 
Doors open at 17:30pm / Talk begins at 18:30 
Venue: Shimonoseki City Lifelong Learning Plaza DREAM SHOP 
Ocean Hall 
Admission: Adults 1,000 yen 
Students (Elementary to High School) 500 yen

▼For more details including purchasing tickets:

▼Ai Futaki Official Website